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Secure more professional performance opportunities, without last-minute cancellations

Do you find yourself wondering…

How much money you‘ve lost from cancelled performances?
Are you always hoping for good news, a new booking, but nothing‘s happening?
Are you disappointed in standard talent agencies?
Or do you just want to regularly demonstrate your skills
in front of discerning and grateful audiences?


If you convince us, you‘ll see
new long-term perspectives
in collaboration with us.


We know how to value art.
That means we pay fairly
and on time.


Alla Breve represents your
interests and guarantees a
problem-free performance.

Do you feel the same?

Do you feel like your creativity suffers the moment you sign a contract with a music agency?

All you want is to be in the spotlight, to get steady bookings, but if you have to pay for it yourself – that‘s messed up, right?

I get it. I know this situation and its difficulties. I know what it means to be bound to such a contract. I know about being ‘parented’ by music agencies. Musicians like you and me need freedom in order to succeed in what we love most. Our work deserves recognition and should be paid accordingly. We‘ve devoted ourselves to a profession that requires many years to ascend to the highest professional level.

My name is Viktor Berlioz and I am a long-experienced freelance musician and the founder of Alla Breve. As a musician, I am very familiar with precisely those difficulties you‘re probably struggling with at this very moment. I know how difficult it is to build a network of clients and the issue of paying to perform.

It‘s exactly the reason I founded an agency which focuses on the performers. I want to give the musicians a chance to develop their full potential and provide music connoisseurs access to music on a high level.

Alla Breve is just this bridge: it connects, it supports artists and it provides music aficionados access to professional music makers. As a cut common time Alla Breve is primarily used for fast and dynamic pieces. As a company, we rely on exactly same characteristics – dynamics, efficiency and precision.

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Musicians Comments

The event which Alla Breve arranged was on an exceptional level. Everything was done right down to the smallest detail and everyone involved has done his job precise. I am proud to figure as a performer in the agency.

Michael (Guitarist)

Tomi (Drummer)

The experience I had with Alla Breve speaks for itself. The team is great, very devoted, professional, and effective. They funnelled several great gigs my way and they went exceptionally well. I‘ve received my desired royalties, on time and in full compliance with everything we agreed on—no small feat.

Tomi (Drummer)

Music agency with a good reputation that focuses on the needs of the musicians. As a pianist, I highly recommend this agency.

Gabriela (Pianist)

Our talented partners supporting your performance


Because you‘ll be increasing your chances of getting more and better performance opportunities and they‘ll be fairly paid and transparent. Don‘t forget that we are a large network of musicians who are looking to support you. Go ahead and join us.

Alla Breve is for professional musicians who have a passion for classical music, baroque, pop, rock, jazz, funk, ethno, tango, flamenco, modern, latin or fusion music, who want to show their stuff on stage. You might be a solo performer or in a chamber ensemble or band — it’s up to you.

What‘s important to us is that you can convince us of your abilities. What do you do best? Show us your repetoire, inspire us with your most impressive photos or video footage. Show us who you are and let your musical competence and uniqueness speak for itself.

Just follow the process – carefully fill out the form and send in your materials, such as your best photos and high-quality videos. We‘ll need your CV with current experience and proofs of live performance (this could be in the form of video footage and press releases/articles. If we need additional information, we‘ll contact you as soon as possible. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable with us and for us to work together for a long-term plan.

After you apply, we‘ll next review your application and contact you shortly to let you know if we need any additional materials. If there are performance opportunities that might fit you, you‘ll find out as soon as possible.

It depends on what we receive for contracts and, of course, the demands and desires of our clients. We do our best to facilitate contracts so that you can quickly and easily get to what you love best—impressing guests at an event with your skills and talent.

No. There is no monthly fee. If anything changes, you‘ll be the first to know. Alla Breve stands for fairness and transparency.

No. You should only be thinking about making an unforgettable evening for our clients. We‘ll take care of everything else. In cooperation with our reliable partners, we undertake the technical part and organize the supply of microphones, lights, and everything necessary to make the event a success.

You will receive your royalty no later than seven work days after your performance. Please take into consideration that delays are possible with national holidays.

Of course, this depends on the event. Please, pay attention to the related contract and event conditions and come to us whenever necessary.

To us, you are essential, so we pay the cost of overnight stays in a hotel we select. As for travel costs, we pay only for the direct travel expenses (to and back from a given event). Please make sure to inform us in advance and provide us with all documents related to the performance so that we can take care of everything.