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Music is the universal language of mankind, and we speak it perfectly!

Alla Breve is a music agency

that works with a carefully selected portfolio of musicians who can turn any live event into an unforgettable experience. We provide aesthetic musical entertainment and suitable music for corporate and private parties, weddings, award ceremonies, promotional events and venues looking to diversify their music program. Our performers are established names or young hopefuls in their field, who are invited to become part of Alla Breve based on their skills and talent.

Alla Breve was founded by musicians for clients, whom we save time and resources in their search for original music programme and performers.

Thanks to an established network of contacts with professional artists from all over Germany, Bulgaria, England and other European countries, Alla Breve connects the stage with the performers and the performers with the stage, wherever they are. Our musicians cover a wide variety of musical genres – pop, rock, funk, jazz, classical and baroque music, ethnic, fusion, latin and more. Each musical engagement is completely customized to the needs of the promoter and the venue. Our goal is to make the music business accessible, transparent and simple, but our genuine desire is to create art and revolutionize the industry for the better.

“Alla Breve is a musical meter, which is primarily used for fast and dynamic pieces. In tune with it, we rely on exactly same characteristics – dynamics, efficiency and precision.”

Viktor Berlioz | Founder of Alla Breve

Alla Breve provides highly skilled performers for anyone looking for suitable music for their occasion and establishes the important connection between art lovers, artists and the stage.


Some of the artists in our extensive portfolio!

Funky Miracle

They’re young, talented, with funky souls and very jazzy. They are Funky Miracle!


A combination of classical music and modern sound? CARisMa makes it possible!

Marta Danilkovich

A true violin virtuoso who knows no genre boundaries. This is Marta Danilkovich!


Alla Breve is the bridge between the performers and the stage.
Our two-way work allows everyone to find what they are looking for.

  • Professional performers
  • High-quality standards
  • Variety of music
  • Exclusive gigs
  • Fair pay
  • Reliable management
  • Professional performers
  • High-quality standards
  • Variety of music
  • Exclusive gigs
  • Fair pay
  • Reliable management
Let’s create unforgettable moments together!

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